About Us

EduSports is a non-profit corporation providing youth sports integrated with nutrition education. We believe in inspiring youth athletes and building the foundation of healthy active lifestyles. EduSports offers youth sports programs integrated with nutrition education.

Youth Football - community teams available to young athletes between the ages of 6-12 years old competing with other youth football clubs within the Northern IL Football Conference (NIFC).

Youth Cheerleading - community cheer team ages are from 6-12 years old and support our youth football teams. Our cheer team is also a recognized member of the NIFC.

Track & Field - developmental and elite community club teams focused on improving running form and field event technique. Sanctioned with the United States of America Track and Field organization (USATF).

Club Volleyball - high school traveling elite team competing in Northern IL and Southern WI. Our club team is a registered member of the United States of America Volleyball organization (USAV) within the Great Lakes Region.

Youth Volleyball - 5th thru 8th grade athletes desiring sport specific skills enhancement.

"Bringing, Children, Education and Sports Together"